TagBot is a revolutionary technology that allows your automatic screen press to print neck tags along with the chest graphic, all in one spin!

• Imagine a full 50% reduction in the time it takes to print neck tags simply due to no longer having any second handling of the garment to get your neck tags added... 

• Imagine no additional staff required to operate a stand alone neck tagging machine not to mention the space it takes up in your shop...

• Imagine turning a growing aspect of your business (printed neck tags) that is typically low-to-no profit into a massive profit center for your business.

TagBot is a fully automated 3-part system that turns neck tag prints into a profit center:


1. Tag Along Pallets: Specially designed pallets that offer dual printing plane for the neck and chest graphic.

2. Print Head Adaptor: Extends the squeegee & flood bar beyond the typical printing area, reaching out to the neck area.

3. Loader/Unloader: A specially designed mechanical hand automatically loads/unloads the neck area of the garment on and off the Tag Along pallet.


TagBot prints the neck and front graphic all on one spin around the press, hence only one dryer run and your shirt is ready to be folded/bagged/boxed!  It cuts 50% of the time it typically takes to print neck tags along with your main chest graphic. There is simply no way to match the speed and labor savings via any other neck tagging process in the industry.

It’s doesn't slow the press down, is simple to operate, and creates no limitations to chest graphic size.

Run your own costs below using our simple calculator to estimate how long a purchase of a TagBot will take your business to start returning neck tag profits.

Here is what Doug Paulson, co-owner of Wave Graphics has to say about what TagBot means to his business:

Fastest ROI in the shop

We have been using the TagBot System and it works fantastic!  Install and training all went very smooth.  The TagBot offers amazing efficiency and ROI.  Our TagBot system has been the fastest return on investment equipment in our shop today.    

Doug Paulson

Co-Owner of Wave Graphics Inc.


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Consider what happens to the profitability of your neck tag print jobs when:

  • You no longer need to plan for a second handling of the garment

  • No second run through a dryer

  • You don't need a stand alone print machine to do neck tags, saving all that space in your shop!

  • Doesn’t slow down the press in the slightest